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We GRACEPOINT CHURCH, a place where biblical truth is taught in a practical

And relevant way regarding GRACE.

The focus of GRACEPOINT CHURCH of Port Orange is to have a generational impact in THE CHURCH (Within our Congregation) and As THE CHURCH (the ministry that the congregation makes in our local community and beyond).


We wanted a name with biblical roots, a name when heard, it clearly communicates that we are a church. A name that not only say's we're a Church, but a name that declares our focus, which is the GRACE of JESUS. We are advancing the message of GRACE throughout the earth by : Encountering GRACE. Growing In GRACE. & Giving In GRACE.

GRACEPOINT CHURCH, was founded by Bishop Barry and Pastor Chiko Powell in 2016 as an Inner City racially diverse Church with an emphasis on pointing people to a real relationship to Jesus Christ through powerful presentations of the gospel.

We are passionate and committed to our message. We want to share God's amazing GRACE towards mankind; who He is. What He's done for you and what life in Him is all about. We are called to equip people with the practical wisdom and understanding found in the Word of God so that they will have wholeness in their relationships, physical body, mind, soul, and spirit. We desire to help people understand six (6) important answers:


*We are Saved through GRACE.

*We Believe through GRACE.

* We Receive our Inheritance by GRACE.

* We Obey by GRACE.

* We Stand by GRACE.

* We Receive Spiritual Gifts by GRACE.


At GRACEPOINT CHURCH, we utilize teaching and preaching to instill truth regarding GRACE.

Here at GRACEPOINT CHURCH, you'll find a family oriented ministry, built on a faith filled foundation with an uncompromising message.

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P.O. Box 10413

Daytona Bech, FL. 32120-0413


Admin. Office: 386.366.8362

Email Address: BarryPowellMinistries@gmail.com


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